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          The Revival Initiative


          Students from Ivany Campus’s music programs are launching a web series featuring performances, tutorials, music lessons and panel discussions from program alumni and other well-known local artists. The Revival Initiative, which is being hosted on Facebook and YouTube during the month of May, allows students in the Music Arts and Music Business programs to put their classroom learning into action during the COVID-19 pandemic as they curate content, administer episodes and lead online marketing initiatives to promote the series. Music Business student Riley Caines says, "If there’s one thing we've learned about this industry during our program, it’s that things sometimes don’t go as planned. Regardless,...

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          Take the ONE Garbage Bag Challenge


          Akerley Campus Welding grad Adam Ullock’s ask of Nova Scotians is simple: “Go out for a walk and fill one bag with litter from your neighbourhood. It only takes 15-30 minutes of your time.” Adam says that even as Nova Scotians practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, they can still work together to make a difference. That’s why he started the Facebook group, Nova Scotia ONE Garbage Bag Challenge Started in late March, the Nova Scotia ONE Garbage Bag Challenge asks residents to go out for a walk and collect one bag of litter from the streets and sidewalks near their...

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          Covers for Comfort


          Carla Bezanson says that when a State of Emergency was declared for Nova Scotia to respond to the global coronavirus pandemic, she couldn’t help but think about the many seniors in nursing homes who were now unable to receive visitors. “My grandfather was in a nursing home for a long time,” says Carla, who’s a two-time Ivany Campus grad. “He adored it when I’d bring my guitar with me for a visit and play for him and the other residents.” The memory inspired Carla and her long-time friend and fellow Music Business alumni Kristen Wells to launch the online initiative Covers for...

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          From nursing to carpentry


          Denika Coakley enrolled in university to become a nurse but quickly realized she was destined for a very different career path. Today, the skilled-carpenter, entrepreneur and NSCC graduate has built a brand and business using social media and creating hand-crafted furniture and art for customers around the world. ...

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